A Robbit’s Tale Pt3 – Kennington

How long is this piece of string?

Captains Log Stardate 210403.08 As the chilly blue skies ruled over head the challenge ruled the Lab.

The group were brought up to date with a wonderful explanation of what had been learned over the last few weeks so all absentees were now up to speed & ready to carry on.

The teams formed managers setting tasks & watching the deadliest adversary¬† ‘time’ slowly tick away 10mins passed and teams were ready for task 2

Cycle to Success aka Robotics Process aka Iterative Process

The pressure mounted but the teams stood up to the challenge & tested themselves but in the end one team looked to have the edge over another .. why is this.

During our little end Pow-wow it was noted that one team were communicating well & slowly chipping away at the challenge, the other team seemed to leave the programmer hanging unsure of what the others had decided but the problem identified & a sense of urgency was  gained & next week clear communication will be sought.

Kirk Out!

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