Pathfinder Pt1 – Cadmore End

Captains Log Stardate 201403.04

Another fortunate day clear of rain clouds, the class bell rang & the kids ran towards the Challenge Lab.

As the Cadets gathered around the Manager was voted in to the big chair. The Manager then through a process of voting & vetting filled the roles of Programmer, Engineer & Reporter. Once in place the timer started the busy process began. Considering this is only the second time the Cadets have done this style of lesson they took to it like Dark Matter to the Universe. 30mins passed and stage 1 was cleared.

Challenge time, what’s on the board or screen page 2 of the Challenge was to begin the process of predicting & then testing theory; a step towards the scientific process.

As the lesson grew to a close a quick chat to reinforce the learning process & a clear idea of what to expect next week. Well done Cadets

It's good to go!

It’s good to go!









Kirk Out!

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