A Robbit’s Tale Pt2 – Kennington

Captains Log Stardate 201403.01

On a bright sunny Saturday morning our Cadets gathered at the Scout Hall In Oxford OX1 5QL.

Part 2 and the Mighty ‘Smug’ slept through out the who challenge ‘Thankfully’. Our Challengers plotted planned and discussed the perfect way to get pass this Leviathan without wakening him from his slumber.

After a fine 10 mins of prep the

  • P rogrammer had program analyzed & understood
  • E ngineer built the Robbit & tested its stability
  • R eporter was recording visually an excellent build up to the main event
  • M anager keeping the team ion task and ONTIME

The Robotics Process Began

  • They discussed the best route past the Fiery Monster
  • They plotted in points & blocks the journey to take
  • They measured & converted the distances in to programmable numbers
  • They planned the best point in which to record the entire test
  • They worked seamlessly as a TEAM
I'm the GREATEST Fiery Flying Furnace of Ferocity EVER!

I’m the GREATEST Fiery Flying Furnace of Ferocity EVER!

2014-03-01 09.53.51

Yes we’re Mad but when facing a Fiery Furnace you got to be!

Kirk Out!

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